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Győr Culture – Cultural life of Győr


9022 Győr, Rákóczi F. u. 1.
(+36 30) 430-7791
There used to be a prison in the basement of the old town hall during the XVIIth century where – according to the legend – the White Lady of Lőcse was held prisoner for two years before having been beheaded on the Main Square.
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 8.
(+36 96) 315-988
The permanent exhibition features the history of sciences and technology as well as major works of Ányos Jedlik, the inventor of the dynamo (electric generator).
9022 Győr, Káptalandomb 1.
(+36 20) 312 87 35
The exhibition helps to preserve the memory of Bishop Vilmos Apor and his martyrdom by presenting his life and oeuvre, his sacrifice and his martyr’s death.
9022 Győr, Bécsi kapu tér 5.
(+36 96) 310-588; (+36 96) 326-906
The permanent exhibition consists of a Roman and a New Age lapidarium and the brick collection of József Horváth. The venue is the courtyard of a XVIth century Sforza-half-bastion and the casemates of the castle.
9024 Győr, Vasvári Pál u. 1/a.
(+36 96) 411-111
9022 Győr, Káptalandomb 26.
(+36 96) 525-090
In the treasury, visitors are introduced into Hungarian ecclesiastical art from the Gothic era to the XIXth century through masterpieces of goldsmithing, liturgical objects and textiles. The library boasts a collection of medieval codices, incunabula and ancient Hungarian books. The Lapidarium keeps stone remnants from the Bishop’s Castle and basilica.
9023 Győr, Hermann Ottó u. 22.
(+36-96) 516-670
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 4.
(+36 30) 947-35-93
9021 Győr, Aradi vértanúk u. 16.
(+36 96) 312-452
János Richter Concert and Conference HallThe predecessor of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1862 by Antal Richter, the father of the famous conductor János Richter. The orchestra first became a town orchestra in 1894, but the real milestone in its career was 1968 when the semi-professional institution was transformed into a professional concert ...
9021 Győr, Teleki László utca 21.
(+36-96) 550-850
9026 Győr, Áldozat u. 12.
(+36 96) 613-559
9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1.
(+36 96) 503-442
9021 Győr, Zechmeister u. 1/a.
+36 30 916 6130
9022 Győr, Czuczor Gergely utca 7.
(+36 96) 520 600
The National Theatre of Győr was opened on 2 November 1978. It is the main theatre of the Győr-Moson-Sopron region.On the turn of the XVIII-XIXth century, just like in the rest of western Hungary, the population of Győr was mainly German-speaking. Therefore the language of the earliest theatre performances was German. The first plays in the city were ...
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 4.
(+36 96) 310-588
Permanent exhibitions of the museum: XXth century Hungarian and Western-European works of fine art and a XVI-XXth century collection of pieces of African, Oceanian ethnographic and applied art.
9022 Győr, Liszt F. u. 20.
(+36 96) 320-289
(+36 96) 311-316
The textile doll collection of Mónika Wiedra Berzsenyi can be seen in a magnificient little Baroque edifice.
9022 Győr, Kiss János u. 9.
(+36 96) 310-588
The museum operates in the former home of the stove manufacturer Fruhmann family and hosts a unique exhibition on stoves and masonry heaters, the history of stove building for a better understanding of how stoves were constructed in the older days.
9021 Győr, Árpád u. 44.
(+36 96) 327-466
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 9.
(+36 96) 320-954
The ornament of the old pharmacy founded by the Jesuits in 1654 is the stunning stucco-work and the paintings on the vaulted ceiling. The place still operates as a pharmacy.
9021 Győr, Király u. 4
(+36 96) 314-552
Emperor Napoleon spent a night in the beautiful baroque house in 1809, hence the name. The building hosts temporary exhibitions of Hungarian and universal fine art.
9022 Győr, Czuczor Gergely u. 7
(+36 96) 523-217
The Ballet Company of Győr, founded by the graduates of the Hungarian Ballet Institute in 1979, made its début in the new building of the National Theatre in Győr under the leadership of Iván Markó.The Company soon became popular both in town and in the region. After having conquered the heart of the Hungarian audience, the Company won international ...
9023 Győr, Herman Ottó u. 22.
(+36 96) 516-670
9021 Győr, Baross Gábor u. 4.
(+36 96) 328-022; (+36 96) 319-997
9022 Győr, Vas Gereben utca
(+36 96) 624-522
Petz Aladár Megyei Kórház, 9024 Győr, Zrínyi u. 13.
(+36 96) 418-244 (7938-es mellék)
9021 Győr, Király u. 17.
(+36 96) 322-695; (+36 96) 524-655
The XVIIIth century Late Baroque building – the former Esterházy palace – houses the headquarters of the City Museum of Art which has several buildings in the city. The exhibition in the main building features the private collection of Béla Radnai dr. and a collection of Hungarian fine arts of the interwar period. Beyond the permanent exhibition there are ...
9025 Győr, Kossuth L. u. 5
(+36-20) 425-2660
The synagogue of Győr and the school attached to it were built between 1868 and 1870 in Art Nouveau style. It is actually a cultural centre but it also hosts the permanent exhibition of János Vasilescu Sr., artist.
9022 Győr, Apáca u. 1.
(+36 96) 326-739
The exhibition presents the oeuvre of Margit Kovács ceramist (1902-1977): chamotte engobe glazed ceramic sculptures, reliefs, objects for personal use and for decoration and parts from the studio of the artist in a beautiful XVIIth century building.
9021 Győr, Apor Vilmos püspök tere 2.
(+36 96) 316-329
The museum occupies a late Gothic building which originally served as a seneschalry. The oeuvre of sculptor Miklós Borsos (1906-1990) can be seen at the exhibition and the house also hosts the archives of the museum.
9022 Győr, Nefelejcs köz 3.
(+36 96) 318-141
The XVIIth century building used to be a spital but was transformed in the 1730s. The artistic legacy of Péter Váczy dr.: archaeological finds, late Gothic sculptures, Renaissance and Baroque pieces of fine art and applied art can be admired in the museum. The house furthermore hosts the exhibition of local and XXth century contemporary artists.
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 5.
(+36 96) 310-588; (+36 96) 326-906
The permanent exhibitions of the museum are: the history of Győr from ancient times to our days; the private collection of the Petz family (who were doctors); Hungarian postage stamps; the private collection of the Abád-Hauser family.


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