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Győr Attractions


9000 Győr, Bécsi kapu tér
The XVIth century house on Bécsi kapu Square possesses a bay window at each corner and is one of the oldest homes in town as well as one of the most beautiful examples of early Baroque architecture.
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 5.
The most beautiful example of Baroque architecture in Győr; the palace with a bay window houses the János Xántus Museum, the oldest Hungarian public collection.
9021 Győr, Gutenberg tér
The Ark of the Covenant, one of the most beautiful relics of Győr from the age of baroque stands in Gutenberg Square. In 1729 a soldier who was suspected on committing bigamy, use of false name as well as desertion fled for refuge to the then existing Jesuit monastery. The soldiers surrounded the building. For terminating the blockade, the bishop wanted to ...
9021 Győr, Káptalandomb 17.
96/315-681, 618-304, 618-305
daily 8.00- 12.00, 14.00- 18.00
Saint Stephen established the Győr Episcopate in the first decade of his reign (1000-1009). The foundation of the Győr Basilica was also laid down during his time. At the end of the XI. century the sources already write about a three-nave church with raised sanctuary. The first towers were built during bishop Omodé (1257-1267). Bishop János Héderváry built ...
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 8.
The first church of the Jesuits who settled down in Győr in 1627 was built between 1634 and 1641 according to the plans of Baccio del Bianco, modelled on the church Il Gesú in Rome. The monastery and the school were also standing by 1667. The two towers are from the XVIII. century. After the dissolution of the Jesuit Order the Benedictines became owners of ...
9021 Győr, Káptalandomb 1.
TUES-SUN: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
The traces of Roman building activities have been found in the foundation of the castle. Its oldest parts are the lower section of the tower castle, the so-called runaway corridor dating from the XIV. century, as well as the adjacent cross-vaulted hall. The chapel built by bishop Orbán Dóczy in 1481 - 1486, fitted to the eastern corner of the castle tower ...
9024 Győr, Kálvária u.
The hill used to be burial place for Celts, later for Romans. The provost church named after Saint Adalbert was built here in the XII-XIII. century, which was destroyed in the XVI. century during the Turkish plundering. The Calvary was built by the Jesuits early XVII. century. Baroque chapels designed by Athanasius Wittwer stand at the foot of the Golgotha. ...
9021 Győr, Aradi vértanúk u. 2.
96/618-863, 618-86
The Carmelites settled down in Győr in 1697. Their church was built by the plans of lay brother Athanasius Wittwer from the same order, between 1721 and 1725. The monastery was completed in 1732. The main facade of the building shows Italian-like character, behind which a domed nave of elliptical shape and a square sanctuary can be seen. Mario Altomonte ...
9022 Győr, Liszt Ferenc u. 1.
Terézia Meszlényi, the wife of Kossuth Lajos was born in this XVIth century early Baroque house the courtyard of which is bordered by a loggia.
9021 Győr, Király u. 17.
The Baroque palace with a bay window houses the main building of the Town Museum of Arts.
9021 Győr, Apáca utca 9.
The most beautiful late Renaissance house in Győr
9021 Győr, Király u. 10.
Baroque building with the typical bay window.
9025 Győr, Bálint Mihály u. 54.
A church, built in the Turkish era was standing already in 1703 in the place of the present building, which was re-built in 1727. It was that time that the tower, the nicely formed onion-shaped cap of the simple, wall-surrounded church with buttress fortification was made, together with the interior iconostas of great artistic value. The iconostas and the ...
9021 Győr, Káptalandomb 26.
March to October: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00-16.00
The treasury typically consists of liturgical objects; the donors - bishops and aristocrats - donated valuable goldsmith masterpieces and textile garnitures to the church. From the XV - XVI. centuries mainly Hungarian works became parts of the collection, while from the XVII. century up to the beginning of the present century mainly pieces from Vienna, ...
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér 4.
early Baroque building named after the spiked butt attached under the bow window (the trade-sign of a grocer’s which once operated here); the house hosts the Imre Patkó Collection
9022 Győr, Rákóczi u. 6.
The two inner courtyards of this XVIIth century building are a nice example of late Renaissance architecture. The Péter Váczy Collection can be seen here.
Győr, Kiskút liget
(+36 96) 618-367
(+36 96) 618-368
The zoo was opened in 1967 and has undergone considerable development since. Today there are 500 animals of 100 species to be seen in the zoo which boasts inter alia a gibbon island, an Africa-house, a South-American-house, a Giraffe-house, a Malawi pool and a terrarium-house.Visitors can enjoy the pleasures of the zoo while strolling along a pleasant plane ...
9021 Győr, Apáca utca 1
(96) 326 739
The bastion-like house is very characteristic of Győr townscape; it now hosts the Margit Kovács Collection
9025 Győr, Petőfi tér 2.
The church is characterised by its pleasant proportions (that can be best embraced from the bank of Rába-river) and fine facade. It was built between 1783 and 1785, in a closed courtyard and without tower. The most remarkable ornament of the internal choired, chamber-type church is the late baroque pulpit-altar, including the painting of Soma Orlai Petrich. ...
9022 Győr, Széchenyi tér
Lipót Kollonich, Bishop of Győr, to commemorate Buda's recapture from the Turks, raised the monument in 1686. The four high baroque statues model Saint Stephen, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Leopold, the patron saint of Austria. The Blessed Virgin, Hungary's Guardian Lady is standing on a high column with spikes and angel-heads, ...
9021 Győr, Király u. 4.
Emperor Napoleon was accommodated in this pre-classicist palace for a night after the battle of Kismegyer.
9022 Győr, Rákóczi u. 1.
Above the beautiful bay window of the Baroque building the coat of arms of Győr can be seen; the city archives can be found in this house.
9000 Győr, Bécsi kapu tér
The façade of this beautiful XVIIIth century rococo building might be misleading as – contrary to the first impression – it does not have a second floor but there is only a loft behind the attic: a good example of the pageantry of the Baroque era.
9025 Győr, Kossuth L. u. 9.
The church was built in 1905 according to the plans of Károly Csányi, in late historic, neo-gothic style. The church has remarkable relics from the XVII - XVIII. centuries.
9011 Győr, Kazinczy Ferenc u. 21.
The picturesque Baroque building with a mansard roof was named after the stucco pattern on its bay window. 
9025 Győr, Kossuth L. u. 5
The synagogue was built by the neologian Israelite congregation between 1868 and 1870 in neo-Romanesque style, with an octagonal plan. The church interior is breath-taking with its circular balconies and the dome even in its present condition. It served as pattern for a number of significant European synagogues at the time of late historism. The partially ...
9022 Győr, Stelczer Lajos u. 8.
This is a XVIIth century early baroque palace with an inner courtyard bordered by Renaissance Tuscan pillars.
9022 Győr, Liszt Ferenc utca 20.
This baroque building also has a beautiful bay window, but the courtyard with arcades and the interior is worth visiting, too.


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