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Eger Culture – Cultural life of Eger


3300, Eger, Tündérpart 5.
+36 36 / 313-670
In the four different wings of the cellar, you will be introduced to the 22 Hungarian wine regions, the ancient vintage technical means of production, the Wine Sanctuary and the proof that the cellar is really more than 220 years old. The guest can be the witness of the unique cellar which is part of the more than 140 km long wine cellar system ...
3300 Eger, Széchenyi u. 1.
The collection centre hosts the archives and museum of the main bishopric. There is also a permanent exhibition about the history of the bishops in Eger.
3300 Eger, Kossuth Lajos utca 16
The county library was established in 1952. Since 1997 you can find all of the collections in the e-catalogue of the library and there are plenty of computers with internet connection.
3300 Eger, Kossuth Lajos u. 26.
This Baroque House built in the 18th century was named after its previous owner, town commander János Buttler, who is best known to Hungarians from Kálmán Mikszáth's novel "Különös házasság ("A Strange Marriage").
3300 Eger, Dobó u. 9.
+36 36 / 321-715
The museum hosts the private collection of Sándor Tóth. The weapons of our ancestors are presented from the prehistoric times till the revolution.
3300 Eger, Vár 1.
+36 (30) 4195562
3300 Eger, Tűzoltó tér 5.
The museum was opened on the 125th anniversary of the fire brigade in Eger. The building is a protected monument since 11989.
3300 Eger, Gárdonyi u. 28.
+36 36 312-744
Géza Gárdonyi lived in this house between 1897 and 1922. He wrote several romans here including Egri csillagok.
3300 Eger Hatvani kapu tér 4.
The theater was established in 1904. The opening took place on the 20th August and the famous writer Géza Gárdonyi was the guest of honour on the event.
Eger külterület, Mátyus Udvarház
+36 36 / 517-937
+36 36 517-938
3300 Eger Tündérpart 5.
I would like to introduce our unique wine cellar (anno 1789) and the National Wine Museum. The wine cellar lies 14 m below the hotel and consists of 4 different wings.Here our guests can join the guided tour, and they can listen to the history of the cellar. They can taste special wines and enjoy the virtuoso gypsy music and folklore program...Please let me ...
3300 Eger, Vár 1.
The fortress of Eger, now a protected historic monument, is the site of the István Dobó Castle Museum. Permanent exhibitions cover the history of the castle, the underground fortification system (Casemates), while another exhibits the medieval forms of punishment. Carvings from the destroyed cathedral can be seen in the lapidarium, while the marble ...
3300 Eger, Vár út
The History of Eger FortressThe permanent exhibition presenting the history of Eger Fortress, opened in August 2001, is housed on the second floor of the Gothic Palace. The primary purpose of the exhibition is to provide a primer on the ecclesiastical and later military functions of the site, and of everyday life in historical Eger, through the help of the ...
3300 Eger, Vár út
Stars of Eger (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) Wax MuseumThe Earth Bastion hosts the Stars of Eger Panoptikum. The main characters from Géza Gárdonyi’s famous novel are all represented in this private wax museum. Descending the stairs from the ticket office, Gárdonyi ”himself” greets visitors in a blacksmith’s workshop, while István Dobó, Gergő Bornemissza, ...
3300 Eger, Eszterházy tér. 1.
+36-36/520-400/ 2245
The Magic Tower is located on the 4th floor in the lyceum. There are a planetarium, an astronomic museum, a magic hall, a periscope and a panoramic terrace in the tower.
3300 Eger, Dobó utca 12.
The exhibition presents the famous folk art of the Palóc region.
3300 Eger, Kossuth u. 9.
+36-36 511-748
The museum hosts the exhibition about the history of waterpolo in Heves county.
3300 Eger, Törvényház u. 1.
This is a special exhibition presenting the world of blind people in real darkness.
3300 Eger, Széchenyi utca 14.
The Jesuit pharmacy museum was established in 1713. It was operated as a pharmacy until 1968, then in 1987 it was reopened as a museum with renewed interior.
3300 Eger, Törvényház utca 4.
Eger Tobacco Factory, which is the predecessor in title of Philip Morris Magyarország Ltd, started operating in our town in 1896 and with that it was an elemental part of the town of Eger for over a century. Strolling along the one time storages of 350 square metres of floor space, which houses the exhibition today, one can trace the technological ...
3300 Eger, Klapka utca 7.
+36 (36) 312304
+36 (36) 515459
3300 Eger, Széchenyi út 55.
+36 (36) 515633
The memorial room of Mihály Vitkovics can be found in the former rectory of the Orthodox Church. There is also an exhibition presenting the works of the famous photographer György Kepes.
3300 Eger, Kossuth L. u. 17.
+36 36 785-027
The synagogue was built between 1889 and 1902, it used to be an othodox church at that time. By the end of the 90's it was renovated by the city and since 2004 it hosts the House of Arts.


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