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You will find detailed info about Hungary World Heritage sites: Budapest, Hollókő, Aggtelek, Tokaj, Pécs, Hortobágy, Neusiedlersee.

World Heritage in Hungary

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Getting there: you can get to the Castle Quarter by bus, funicular railway or on foot, but the most beautiful views are from the east bank of the Danube and Gellért hill, especially in the evening when it's all lit up.World heritage sites of BudapestThere are those who fall in love with the city at first sight and those who only warm to it after a longer ...
The Busó festivities at Mohács in southern Hungary are a six-day carnival in late February to mark the end of winter, named for the busós, frightening-looking costumed people (traditionally men) wearing wooden masks and big woolly cloaks. The festival is multifaceted, including a children’s costume contest, a display of the art of mask carvers and other ...
3759 Aggtelek, Baradla oldal 3.
06 / 48 / 503-000
06 /48 / 503-002
Getting there: from Budapest on route 3 you can get there in two ways: at Miskolc you can take route 26, then at Sajószentpéter turn onto route 27, from which the road towards Aggtelek-Jósvafő branches off. Or you can go on the route connecting Hatvan (route 21) to Nagybátony (routes 23, 25) and Ózd-Serényfalva-Aggtelek.The Aggtelek National Park in ...
Getting there (from Budapest): by car, on route 6 (213 km); by Intercity Train from Déli Railway StationPécs, situated in the southern part of Hungary at the foot of the Mecsek mountains, radiates a real Mediterranean atmosphere due to its climate, flora and narrow, rambling streets. With its rich cultural life, including theatre, museums and festivals, the ...
9436 Fertőszéplak, Nagy Lajos u. 43.
Getting there: from motorway M1 after Győr take route 85 to Sarród, the centre of the Fertő-Hanság National Park, or leaving route 84 at Balf or Sopron you can get to Fertőrákos.Lake Fertő is situated on the territory of Austria and Hungary, and it was nominated jointly by the two countries for inclusion on the World Heritage list. Part of the Fertő-Hanság ...
4002 Debrecen, Sumen u.2.
Getting there: from Budapest take the M3 motorway to Füzesabony, then go towards Debrecen on route 33, which crosses the National Park.Hortobágy is the largest continuous natural grassland in Europe, which means that it was not formed as a result of deforestation or river control. The first Hungarian national park (established in 1973), it is the country's ...
3176 Hollókő, Kossuth u. 68.
Getting there: from Budapest take the M3 motorway as far as Hatvan, then take route 21. Before Pásztó the road branches off towards Hollókő.Hollókő hides among the undulations of the Cserhát hills about 100 km from Budapest in a picturesque setting. The history of the village goes back to the 13th century, when after the Mongol invasion the castle was built ...
9090 Pannonhalma, Vár u.1.
Getting there: from the M1 motorway at Győr take route 82. The turn-off to Pannonhalma is about 15 km from here.The history of the abbey, built on the holy mount of the Roman province of Pannonia (Mons Sacer Pannonia), is as old as the history of Hungary itself. The pagan Hungarian tribes arrived in the Carpathian Basin from the east in c. 896. Their leader ...
3910 Tokaj, Serház u. 1.
47/552 070
47/352 259
The name of Tokaj is identified with wine all over the world. In this wine region situated in the north-east part of Hungary they found the fossil of the leaf of an ancient vine type, which is regarded as the common ancestor of the present vine varieties. So it can be said that the vine is truly indigenous and natural to Tokaj. This is due to the ...


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