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Wine Regions in Hungary

Wine regions in Hungary

The yearly wine production of Hungary is 4,2 million hl, which is ripened in the 22 wine regions of the country:

2911 Mocsa, Boldogasszonypuszta
The Ászár-Neszmély territory lies on the south-western slopes of the Gerecse mountain range, on the one hand, and on the slopes overlooking the Danube on the other. The best territories include the southern side of the Kesztölc limestone hill and the area around Neszmély and Dunaszentmiklós, not far from the Danube. The proximity of the Danube provides ...
8261 Badacsony, Park utca 14.
(87) 431-046
The area has been inhabited since the age of Celts and archeological excavations unearthed 2000-year-old Roman remains, which testify to early beginnings of viticulture int he region.Newer and newer settlers/conquerors brought by the tempests of history, fortunately, carried on the traditions of growing vine realising the unique opportunities provided by ...
8630 Balatonboglár, Erzsébet u. 11.
(85) 553-333
The South Balaton Wine Region is one of the loveliest landscapes of Pannonia.As for the RED WINES, this region is more adapted to produce Burgundy type fruity red wines with rich aroma. Red grape varieties grown here are: Gamay, Pinor Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. The pleasant acids and fragrances are also typical of our red wines, bitterness and body ...
8312 Balatonederics, Kossuth u. 62.
This wine region with rich medieval tradition is not positioned right at Lake Balaton, but its climate is still influenced by the nearness of the lake. This region was already discovered by urban people years ago because of its beauty and the decreasing number of its original inhabitants. A great number of artists moved here, who had the preservation of the ...
8229 Csopak, Arany J. u. 2
The Balatonfüred – Csopak regiont is one of the outstanding wine-districts of Hungary, where wine-growing and wine-making has a history of more than two thousand years. The first written records on wine-growing here are the very first to record the beginnings of wine-growing in Hungary.This historic district lies on the north-east of Lake Balaton, on the ...
Several harrow cellars prove that the tradition of viticulture at the hills of Zala goes back to the past more 100 years. The characteristic representatives of folk architecture can only be met in this area by now. The harrow-cellars were carpentered from timbers and were plastered with clay from in - and outside. There have only been left a few samples of ...
3423 Tibolddaróc
Geographical location:The Bükk Wine Region is located at the southern, south-eastern foot of Bükk Mountains; it is bordered by the Eger Wine Region in the west and by the valleys of rivers Hernád and Sajó in the east. It is defended against cold winds by the range of Bükk Mountains in the north; whereas its southernmost point is Mezőkövesd and its ...
Gulyás Ferenc, 6640 Csongrád, Szentháromság út 8.
The wine grapes and wine production has century-long tradition in this wine region. The wine produced in this region had already been known and delivered before the Turkish reign (14-15th century). Thenabouts the varieties of wine grapes characteristic to the wine-growing region were born, traces of which persist to this day.The wine-district of Csongrád ...
The some 6,040 hectares of vineyards of the Eger wine region is located on the southern slopes of the Bükk Mountains . The wine region is divided into two districts of protected origins: the Eger and the Debrő districts, thus embracing the town of Eger and the following 19 villages: Andornaktálya, Demjén, Egerbakta, Egerszalók, Egerszólát, Felsőtárkány, ...
2091 Etyek, Kossuth u. 35
The Etyek-Buda wine region located at the border of Budapest, covers an area of about 5632 hectares (about 22 square miles).The settlement of Etyek is located 30 km (19 miles) from the capital, in the hilly landscape of Etyek region, at the north-east corner of Fejér County. This area produces high acidity in the grapes, in part due to the unique ...
6000 Kecskemét, Hoffmann J. u. 6.
In 1990 the Hajós-Vaskúti wine region was part of the Great Plain wine region. Since the viticulture in Vaskút dropped significantly in the middle of the 90s. Nowadays it has hardly large vineyards, therefore in 1996 the Wine Community Council appealed to the Minister of Agriculture to change the name of the wine region to Hajós–Baja Wine Region, so it has ...
6000 Kecskemét, Hoffmann J. u. 6.
These three regions are all found in the large flat southern area between the Danube and the Tisza Rivers known as The Great Plain (Alfold in Hungarian). This area, easily mechanised, accounts for about half of the wine produced in Hungary, but most of it is for quick drinking table wine. The naming of the Frittman winery from this region as Hungarian ...
3200 Gyöngyös, Fő tér 13
The Matra region is one of the best winegrowing region in Hungary. It is about 7000 ha. Its soil is variegated. Thanks to its perfect climate and well positioned and soiled mounds it is a perfect grape growing area. You can find wild variety of soils here reaching from sandy to clayey soil combined with hard ground mixed with andesite gravel. Mainly white ...
8060 Mór, Zrínyi u. 36.
The picturesque Valley of Mor runs between two mountains, the Vertes and the Bakony; this is the home of the Ezerjo. Though the Ezerjo is an old Hungarian variety, it has found its real home here, in the wine region of Mor. The new territory has made wonder to this vine variety, elsewhere rather average and hardly known, and has revealed its unknown ...
9081 Győrújbarát, BM köz 1
The Pannonhalma hills, otherwise called the Sokoró hills, are the smallest wine- region in Hungary although it has the longest wine-making tradition. The wine-region is situated in Győr-Moson-Sopron County. From a geographical point of view it belongs to Bakony hills, which is part of the Transdanubian Mountains.Grapevines have been grown on the eastern; ...
8460 Devecser, Várkastély
This is the smallest wine region of Hungary and the only region where grapes are grown on the north side of the mountain. Mountain Somló once was an active volcano, and lava residue covers the mountain’s flanks. The vines often seem to grow straight from basalt itself, and thus the mineral characteristics of the wines produced here are unique.The most ...
9400, Sopron, Új utca 4.
The region of Sopron is one of the oldest Hungarian wine-growing areas. It is situated at the foot of the Alps, on the low hillsides and gentle slopes bordering Lake Fertő. The 1,400 cultivated hectares surrounding the shores of Lake Fertő enjoy a favourable climate as the warmth of the sun is reflected from the water, and its constant evaporation protects ...
7100,Szekszárd, Rabovszky u. 12/a
The progress in the wine region has been outstanding in recent years. The number of cellars producing excellent competitive wines even on international standards has significantly increased. The majority of the winemakers with longer reputations have made significant investments creating the technological background, ageing and storing capacity for an even ...
3915 Tarcal, Fő út 57.
Wine growing area: 5967 haVillages belonging to the region: 27The Tokaj wine region, officially called Tokaj-Hegyalja, was declared a world heritage site in 2002 and as producer of the world’s oldest botrytized wines it has a number of unparalleled assets: incomparable soil and microclimate: clay or loess soil on top off volcanic subsoil, a ...
7773 Villány, Deák F. u. 22.
The wines of the Villány Wine Region are considered to be wines both of excellent quality and of commercial success by experts and consumers and the Hungarian wine market.The first full origin protection system of Hungary was developed out here. The Villány-Siklós Wine Route is the first stronghold of Hungarian wine tourism. The strongest attraction of the ...


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