Medicinal spas

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Medicinal spas

Medicinal spas

1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 36.
Every day: 6.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
from 2 300 HUF/person
Public transportation: by subway 3, by tram 1, by bus 133. The Bath is located at the Pest bridgehead of the Árpád Bridge.
This Bath first opened in 1948. Later, in 1956 it, among others, was expanded with a 50-m swimming pool. Its water base at that time was provided by a well bored in 1944, which finally secured the efficient use of the thermal waters found under the bed of the Danube. In 1970, the water of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath was directed to Dagály Bath, thus raising ...
1095 Budapest, Dandár u. 5-7.
Mon-Fri 6.00-20.00, Sat 6.00-14.00
from 600 HUF/person
By public transportation: tramways 2 and 24 and buses 23 and 54. (The thermal bath is located in the vicinity of the Boráros square.)
The architectural plan for the public bath in Dandár street was prepared by Ferenc K. Császár. The Bath was commissioned in 1930, then transformed in 1936. During World War II the Bath was o­nly slightly damaged so it could be opened as soon as 1945. Originally, the Bath operated as a sanitary bath. In 1978, however, following a thorough reconstruction, it ...
1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4
everyday: 6:00 - 20:00
By public transportation: tramways 18, 19, 41, 47 and 49, buses 7, 7A, 86, 133E and 233E. The Gellért Thermal Bath is located in the centre of the city, o­n the right bank of the Danube, at the bridgehead of the Szabadság Bridge.
We find records about the "miraculous" springs spurting up o­n the territory of the Bath from as early a date as the 15th century. These springs were later favoured by the Turks as well, as they were larger and hotter than the Buda baths of the period. In the 17th century, the site was named Sárosfürdő (Mud bath) because of the fine spring silt that was ...
1027 Budapest, Fő u. 84.
Every day: 09:00 a.m.-09:00 p.m.
The construction of this Bath was begun by Arslan, the Pasha of Buda in 1565 and was completed by his successor, Sokoli Mustafa. The Király Thermal Bath had no direct hot water base, nor has it any today. The Turks built the Bath far from the springs to ensure the opportunity for bathing even in the case of an eventual siege, within the walls of the castle. ...
1026 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 25-29.
everyday 6.00-20.00
from 2 200 HUF/person
By public transportation: buses 9, 26, 86, 160 and 260, tramways 4 and 6 and by suburban train HÉV o­n the line to Szentendre-Békásmegyer, up to the stop "Margit Bridge". The thermal bath is located in the proximity of the Buda bridgehead of the Margit bridge.
In the 12th century, knights of the order of Saint John engaging in curing the sick settled in the area of today's Lukács Bath, followed by the orders of Rhodos and Malta, who built their monasteries baths as well. The bath operated through the time of the Turks but the energy of the springs were used primarily to produce gunpowder and for grinding wheat. ...
1113 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9.
Monday-Wednesday: a.m. 06:00 to p.m. 06:00, Thursday to Sunday: a.m. 06:00 to p.m. 08:00, Friday, Saturday: p.m. 10:00 to a.m. 04:00
By public transportation: buses 5, 86 and 178 as well as tramway 18,19 and 41.
The centerpiece of the bath today, the Turkish bath, was built during the 16th century in the period of the Turkish occupation. Below the 10 m diameter dome, sustained by 8 pillars, there is an octagonal pool. The thermal bath has been visited from 1936 o­n exclusively by men. The swimming pool, operating as a therapeutic swimming facility and with a sauna, ...
1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 11.
everyday: a.m. 6.00- p.m. 10.00
By public transportation: trolleybus 72 and the millennium underground train. (The thermal bath is situated in the City Park)
The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is o­ne of the largest spa complexes in Europe. It's also the first thermal bath of Pest. It owes its existence to Vilmos Zsigmondy, a mining engineer. o­n his initiative, successful deep borings had been performed in the City Park, where later, in 1881 already an "Artesian bath" was in operation. However, this temporary type of ...
2484 Agárd, Fürdő tér 1.
Starting from the port of Agárd you may check the colourful fauna of Lake Velencei, during an enjoyablle boat trip. The main attraction of the town is its medicative thermal spa. The Thermal Spa of Agárd is situated in the Bika Valley. Its 58°C thermal water is enriched in minerals, offering relief for motorial and gynaecological problems, and refreshment ...
9494 Sopron-Balf, Fürdő sor 8.
(00 36) 99/314-060, (00 36) 99/314-061
Balf is located near the Austrian border. Its medicinal spring with full of hydrogen sulphide was known by the romans as well. The thermal bath was built upon it.
7400 Kaposvár, Csík Ferenc sétány 1.
+36 82 321 044; + 36 82 511-10
+82 321-530
The summer of 2006 saw the opening of Kaposvár's new pride, the adventure bath called "Flower", with the biggest full water surface - 3462 m2 in Transdanubia.
4431 Nyíregyháza - Sóstógyógyfürdő
+36 42 411-191
Built according to the design of István Pazár, it was operated since 1911 with a water piping system and 8 rooms as well as 6 baths, then, after 30 years of torture, it was opened again in 2000 for those willing to recovery and rest. In the pension in the attic there are 12 double, 2 triple and 2 single rooms, and two apartments for families.Each ...
5465 Cserkeszőlő, Fürdő utca 25
+36 56 568-466
Mon-Sun: 7:00-20:00 Winter bath: Mon-Sut: 10:00-20:00
+36 56 568-465
The pickets of a pool of visitors waiting for a water castle, of which 6 can slide into the water to dive. 33-meter runway canvas slide operates in the spa area.
7020 Dunaföldvár, Hősök tere 26.
Indoor spa: 35 C spa with great amount of hydrocarbonat and salt content. It is suitable for locomotive and gynaecological diseases.
9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Kígyó utca 1
00 36 96 / 579 168
00 36 96 / 579 169
This spa enables visitors to exercise in open-air and indoor pools of various temperatures, cure any ailments by soaking in medicinal pools and allow the kids to enjoy themselves in paddling pools. The thermal spring is also used for therapeutic purposes and is officially classified as medicinal water. Its curative powers are utilised in a wide range of ...
8749 Zalakaros, Thermál u. 4
On the basis of medicinal and thermal water thanks to human passion for exploration we have been building and developing our bath in order to be able to fully meet our customers' demands. Our main aim is to become a "meeting point of generations", where we fulfil recreational and wellness-fitness expectations in the Thermal bath- Fun bath part using thermal ...
7200 Dombóvár, Kernen tér 1.
74/465-335, 74/465-454
The basic of the reputation and recognization of our spa is provided by the medicinal waters and the services of a high - standard built on it. The water of the spa is alkalihydrogencarbonate thermal waters (55 0C), its fluorid - contens is also significant. On the basic of these characteristics it is excellently suitable for the treatment of every kind of ...
6900 Makó, Makovecz tér 6.
+36 62/511-220
Pelotherapy is practised using mud from the river Maros. The Maros mud is a certified healing mud. Regarding granulometric composition of the Maros mud it can sustain competition with the best foreign muds, even with such world-renowned muds like Fango di Battaglia. The proportion of disadvantageous rough and fine particles is lower; whilst the proportion ...
7815 Harkány, Zsigmondy sétány 1.
+36 72/580–900
+36 72/580–949
The treatment packages of the medicinal spa hospital are all based on the services that are determined for our guests after the proper examinations by a specially trained medical department. The individually tailored therapies in the locomotor, dermatological and gynecological departments all generally take 2-3 weeks.
4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1-3.
(00-36) 52/ 558-558
(00-36) 52/360-039
Built in 2000, the Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa was Hungary’s first waterslide paradise. The aquapark, which is directly accessible from the open-air section of the spa, has a central twelve-metre launch tower for a swift descent down any of nine different slides. The park's area more than doubled in summer of 2002 when a number of exciting new features, ...
7275 Igal, Rákóczi tér 30.
+36 82/573-059
26th May - 01st July: 9:00-19:00; 2nd July - 20th August: 9:00-20:00; 21st August - 25th May: 9:00-18:00
+36 82/573-058
The spa is owned by the community. In 2001 it was approved as a health-spa.The institution continued to improve in 2003, during the summer they completed the indoor pools and adjacent satellite sections where all health services became available for the public. Ever since more sophisticated health services became available. Now the spa serves those who seek ...
4400 Nyíregyháza, Malom u. 19
+36 42 504-030
Fans of thermal water, sauna and swimming can rest and heal according to their needs (3 saunas, dry steam, wet steam, bath, infra sauna, massage, chiropody, buffet, 25-m swimming pool, thermal pools of different temperature. The Finnish-type sauna in the garden of the Spa are hired by families and other private groups of guests.
5310 Kisújszállás, Rákóczi u. 12
+36 (59) 887710
Kisújszállás Nagykunság the heart of the main road No. 4 and the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza railway line is located. Kisújszállás Nagykunság the heart of 4-5000 years ago lived in an ancient settlement. The ancestors of people now living there, in 1243-46 Cumans settled in - the Mongol invasion, fleeing Cumans IV. Bela had welcomed. During the Turkish ...
9233 Lipót, Fő út 84.
00 36 96 215-723
00 36 96 215-734
Lipót is a settlement situated in the north-eastern part of Transdanubia, in the heart of Szigetköz. It is located 18 kms to the east from Mosonmagyaróvár, 28 kms to the west from Győr, at a 30 kms distance from the Austrian border and 36 kms away from the Slovakian border. The Thermal Bath with spring water of 65 Celsius (since 2004 medicinal water) has ...
5435 Martfu, Ifjúság u. 2.
"Alföld szíve" tourist card acceptance! The pride of the Martfű Thermal SPA is the unit of the Thermal and swimming bath,which is uniqe in the region.The impact of the locally gashingthermal water is certified by doctors,they offer it for several diseases.The guest can enjoy the benefical impact of the thermal water with different pools.
6640 Csongrád, Dob utca 3-5
+36 (63) 481918
M-Thu: 7 a.m.-8 p.m.; F:7 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sat: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sun: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
The spa is situated in the centre of the town of Csongrád and incorporates a large grassy park to complement its pools. It is open all year round and accommodation is available nearby. The spa employs trained healthcare specialists and provides permanent medical supervision.
7500 Nagyatád, Széchenyi tér 11
+36 (82) 553590, +36 (82) 351802
+36 (82) 553591
The thermal and medicinal bath operating in Nagyatád since 1906 provides treatment under the expert supervision of on-site specialists. Following a medical check-up, foreign guests or patients without medical insurance can take advantage of various medical services at extra cost. Facilities include medicinal pools, a tub bath, a Finnish sauna and an atrium ...
6726 Szeged, Torontál tér 1
(06-62) 566-488
As the result of the development, a modern and better organized medical service unit was established with bigger capacity, more quality, in order to treat musculoskeletal diseases and for rehabilitation. You can find the two levels of the new medical section right next to the fun spa with the following services:The 1551 meter deep and 70 degree warm sodium ...
3244 Parád - Parádfürdő, Kossuth Lajos utca 221
+36 (36) 544800
+36 (36) 364072
This institution has a distinguished past as a popular climatic resort from the 17th century. It now utilizes medicinal waters from the surrounding springs, employs a highly qualified team trained in the latest medical techniques and is fitted with cutting-edge equipment to ensure rapid rehabilitation.
4431 Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő, Berenát u. 1-3.
+36 42 500-106, +36 42 475-736
+36 42 500-107
Bathing culture reached such a level at the end of the 1950’ies that the lake of sodic water did not meet the demands of the public anymore. It was discovered that there is thermal water under the ground. That time in 1957, for the advice of Ferenc Pávai-Vajna geologist, drilling started, and they found of water of 49-50 Celsius with iodine and bromide ...
6782 Mórahalom, Szent László park 4.
(+36) 62/281-039,(+36) 62/580-042,(+36) 62/280-294
The spa is located in the centre of Mórahalom, 20 km from Szeged towards Baja. Reconstruction work on the 41 year-old building began in autumn 2003. By July 2004, the facility had become a state-of-the-art health resort. New pools have been added and the spa now offers a sauna, a solarium, a fitness room and a host of medical services. The adjoining Thermal ...
9600 Sárvár Vadkert u. 1.
06 95 523 600
06 95 523 604
This new facility offers a high standard of wellness treatments and therapeutic and health packages. Designed for blissful relaxation all year round, the complex comprises a variety of medicinal and adventure pools, a sauna and paddling pools for toddlers. It also features a medical section, a wellness and fitness centre, a beauty parlour, exclusive ...
8231 Balatonfüred, Gyógy tér 2.
87 /584 - 584
87 / 584 - 580
This institute is a rehabilitative treatment centre for those with heart conditions. The medicinal bath and the physiotherapeutic section are aimed at relieving locomotive deficiencies of heart patients. These facilities are free for those with an appropriate physician's referral. In all other circumstances they are chargeable at the published tariff. Egyéb ...
6200 Kiskőrös, Erdőtelki utca 17
+36 (78) 311524, +36 (78) 312077
+36 (78) 312766
Ingedients of the thermal water: high concentration of sodium-cloride, hidrogen-carbonates, iodine and bromine.Recommended: for reumatic, degenerative, chronic and gyaecological problems.
4900 Fehérgyarmat Damjanich u 1. Pf: 5
Leaning on the complex bath therapy unit on the seat of the hospital of Szatmár-Bereg and a spa, Fehérgyarmat, modern Rehabilitációs Központ was set up. The centre the organ of locomotion one requiring the rehabilitation, a heart receive it-, cerebral and other circulatory patients, and on the bone operation
5350 Tiszafüred, Húszöles u. 2.
+36 59 / 352 911, +36 59 / 352 366
+ 36 59 / 511 328
The main value of tourism in Tiszafüred is the alkali-hidrogenkarbonate thermal and mineral water. This water is the base of our hidrotherapy culture. Its chemical and heating effects may be very usefull for chronic locomotor disorders, rheumatological disases, the degradation of verteleral disk.
3300 Eger, Petőfi tér 2.
36/510-558, 36/510-557
2016 Leányfalu, Móricz Zs. u. 142.
06/26 383 370
The bath is located about 27 km from the capital, next to the mainroad "11" in the magical Danube Bend.
6600 Szentes, Ady Endre utca 44
+36 (63) 313765, +36 (63) 313766
The Thermal Baths, which reminiscences the Turkish baths, is fed by the 71C medicinal water of a 1735 meters deep well. This well was made in 1957, and it is located in the area of the near hospital. The baths was built in 1962 by the plans of Károly Dávid, the designer of the People's Stadium in Budapest. The hot water, which contains alkali ...
5430 Tiszaföldvár, Strand út 25
+36 (56) 470242, +36 (30) 6858266
The Central Plains region, located 1,040 m from a depth of thermal cracking of thermal curing effect, tastefully designed with a green area of ​​peace and quiet as an island waiting for you and your family.
8380 Hévíz, Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1.
+36 83 501 700
+36 83 540 144
The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake. It is located in a unique setting, a mere 6 km from the Lake Balaton, 198 km from Vienna and 193 km from Budapest. The lake’s formation goes back to ancient times. At the end of the Pannon-era (named after its sea), volcanoes broke up the layout of the Trans-Danube ...
4080 Hajdúnánás, Fürdő u. 7. sz.
06-52-381-806, 381-858
In addition to the bathing pools there is also a boating lake in the 35-acre well kept grounds. Supplementary services: catering facility, accommodation
3580 Tiszaújváros, Szederkényi út 12.
+36 49 540 460
+36 49 341 420
In the stately edifice of the Thermalbaths the guests have the choice of three pools thermal water in them with different temperature. The swimming pool offers the visitors with the most up-to-date bathing techniques. There are 5 pools, sportgrounds, places for sun-bathing, playground and commercial pavilon. Egyéb gyógyszolgáltatások: Scottish shower, Other ...
5540 Szarvas, Kossuth u. 23.
Therapeutic treatments into a claim purchasable. We wait for our guests in calm environment.
8500 Pápa, Várkert út 5
The modern spa with its highly qualified staff and modern facilities provides a wide range of services for everyone who would like to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational services or just wants to relax in pleasant surroundings.
3400. Mezőkövesd, Napfürdő út 2
(36) 49/412-844
(36) 49/412-844
The founder of the bath, Lajos Szentléleki Zsóry, chief administrative officer of Mezőkövesd and a Member of Parliament, conducted test drills to find oil on his estate in 1938. Instead of oil, a 100-foot geyser of hot water sprang up when the drill bit hit a Triassic water reservoir some 2500 feet below ground on February 25, 1939. Its healing properties ...


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