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World War I.

World War I.

Hungary after World War I.

1913 Government of Istvan Tisza, who ahs already been in politics for 20 years.
1914-1918 Austria-Hungary is swept into war alongside Germany and 1 million are killed in action.
October 31, 1918 Bourgeois, democratic revolution and Mihaly Karolyi's government.
March 21, 1919 Bela Kun's Communist Party sets up a Council Republic which only lasts 133 days. This period will always be remembered as the era of the "red terror".
March 1920 With the assistance of the Romanian army, Miklos Horthy, an administrate in a country which now has no coastline, establishes himself as Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary. A reign of "white terror" is to follow.
June 4, 1920 The treaty of Treanon imposed by the Allies, deprives Hungary of two thirds of it's territory and half of it's population. Hungarian resentment runs high and is further stirred up by the Horthy regime which makes the treaty the principal target of its propaganda. Hitler and Mussolini are to exploit this situation. The first anti Semite law, introducing a numerous clausus in universities.


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