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Turkish Occupation

Turkish occupation

1308-1342 With Charles Robert of Anjou (Robert Karoly) the reign of kings of foreign origin begins. He attacks the power of the great lords who mobilize almost the entire country against him.
1357 The Ottomans settle on the opposite shore of the Bosphorus in Gallipoli, then in Adrianople.
1371 In the reign of Louis I of Anjou (1342-82) the Turks attack Hungary for the first time.
1387-1437 Sigismund and Luxemburg becomes King of Hungary through his marriage to the daughter of Louis I.
1396 Sigismund leads a crusade against the Turks who win a victory at Nicopolis. The news plunges the west into terror.
1444 Vladislas I is defeated by the Turks at Varna.
1453 Mehmet II seizes Constantinople.
1456 Janos Hunyadi, a noble from Valachia, defends Nadorfehervar (present day Belgrade) against the Turks. His son Matthias is made King.
1458-1490 Reign of Matthias Hunyadi, also known as Matthias Corvinus.
Peasant revolt led by Gyorgy Dozsa.
1521 The Turks seize Nadorfehervar.
August 29, 1526 Defeat at Mohacs by Sultan Suleiman I, the Magnificent. Crushes the troops of Louis II Jagiello, King of Hungary and Bohemia. The king dies at the battle.


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