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March 1848

March 1848

The 1848-49 Revolution

1825-1827 the meeting of the Diety opens up the era of reform. Count Istvan Szecsenyi plays a very active role in the country's modernization. Hungarian is declared the official language.
1832-1836 Lajos Kossuth stands for the 1832 Diety. He's arrested by the conservatives.
1839 This third Diety frees political prisoners and grants non-nobles the right to own land and hold administrative positions.
1841 Kossuth starts the liberal newspaper, the Pest Gazette.
1843-1844 The Assembly declares Hungarian to be the official language. The decision provokes opposition from national minorities.
February 1848 Revolution in Paris where the Second Republic is proclaimed
March 15 1848 People's demonstration in Pest. A 12 point program for the establishment of a bourgeois democracy is passed. [Comparable to the American Declaration of Independence]
March 17 1848 Pressured by events, Emperor Ferdinand V appoints Count Lajos Batthyany to lead the government. He confirms the laws passed by the Diety; the abolition of feudalism, the constitution of a representative national assembly, freedom of the press, equality of worship and Transylvania's cession to Hungary.
September 1848 General J. Jalacic's imperial army marches on the Hungarian capital. It is stopped at Szekesfehervar. General Lamberg, sent by Vienna, is killed by the crowd in Pest. Kossuth takes on the leadership of a national defense committee.
January 1849 The Imperial army (Franz Josef has succeeded Ferdinand V.) occupies the capital. The committee and the assembly take refuge in Debrecen.
April 14, 1849 Kossuth pushes through a motion to depose the Habsburgs.
Apr-May 1849 The Hungarian army recaptures Pest and Buda
August 1849 Due to the assistance requested by the Emperor from Tsar Nicholas I, the Hungarian army, now surrounded, lays down it's arms. Count Batthyany and 13 generals are executed. Hungary is placed under Austrian control.
May 29 1867 After the defeat by Prussia at Sedova, the Austrian Empire seeks to appease Hungarian unrest. The compromise institutes the Dual Monarchy.
- Hungary, Croatia and Transylvania from and independent state with it's own government. This State recognizes the Austrian Emperor as it's head.
The new State has a joint army, an imperial foreign policy and special financing for joint affairs.
1868 Law on Nationalities; civic equality and recognition of certain cultural religious rights.


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