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Habsburg Rule

Habsburg rule

The Habsburgs in Hungary

October 22, 1526 Ferdianand of Austria is elected King of Bohemia in Prague.
Nov. 11, 1526 The Szekesfehervar Diety elects a national king in the person of Janos I Szapolyai (1526-40). Opposed by the Habsburg, Janos I, supported by the Turks, sees his kingdom reduced to Transylvania.
Dec. 17, 1526 Ferdinand of Austria is elected King of Hungary at Presburg, under the name of Ferdinand I.

Fifteen years after the defeat at Mohacs, Ferdinand controls the north and east of Hungary (royal Hungary). Suleiman occupies the center. Buda is under Turkish control. Szapolyai is Prince of Transylvania.
1566 Death of Suleiman I, the Magnificent, at the siege of Szigetvar.
1571 Victory of the Holly League (which include Transylvania) over the Turks.
1591-1606 Fifteen years of war waged by the Habsburgs to drive the Turks out of Hungary and Transylvania.
1685 The Imperial army occupies Transylvania.
1686 Liberation of Buda.
1687 The Diety declares the crown of Hungary as the rightful inheritance of the house of Austria.
1699 Peace of Karlowitz, marking the end of Turkish occupation in Hungary
1740-1790 The reigns of Maria Teresa (1740-80) and Joseph II (1780-90) introduce reforms in Hungary and see the development of the cooperation between the Viennese court and Hungarian nobility.
1792-1835 With Francis II as German Emperor and King of Bohemia and Hungary under the name of Francis I, absolutism prevails in all domains.


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