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Clan Of Árpád

Clan of Árpád

902 AD The Hungarians destroy the Moravian Empire of Sviatopluk and Moimir II with the assistance of the Emperor Arnulf
10th Century Magyar horseman become notorious for their raiding and pillaging, which takes them as far as Burgundy and Aquitaine, to Naples and the shores of the Bosphous.
955 AD The Hungarians are defeated at Lechfeld, near Augsburg by the German king Otto I the Great. Their chiefs are executed. This defeat puts an end to their raids and contributes to their settling process.
972-997 AD Reign of Geza. Arpad's great grandson. The king is baptized and at his request, Bruno, a monk from Saint Gall, undertakes the conversion of the country to Christianity
997-1039 AD Vajk, Geza's son, baptized Istvan (Stephen) reigns under the name Stephen I and continues his father's work. He is considered the real founder of Hungary
January 1, 1001 The coronation of Stephen I in Esztergom Basilica.
1054 Schism; the final separation of the churches of Rome and Constantinople.
1077-1095 After intermittent quarrels over the succession, the reign of Laszlo I (St Ladislaa) began
1095-1116 Reign of Kalman (Coloman) the Bibliophile. During his reign, the Hungarians conquer Croatia-Slavonia and the center of Bosnia
1141-1162  Reign of Geza II. The king of France, Louis VII and the German emperor. Conrad III, stay in Hungary during the Second Crusade.
1172-1196 Reign of Bela III


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