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Bridges in Budapest – Budapest Bridges

Bridges in Budapest

Budapest, Árpád-híd
Árpád Bridge or Árpád híd is a bridge in Budapest, Hungary, connecting Buda and Pest across the Danube. It is the northernmost public bridge of the capital and the longest bridge in Hungary, spanning about 2 km with the sections leading up to the bridge, and 928 m without them. It is 35 m wide.
Budapest, Lánchíd
With the Buda Castle in the background, the Hungarian capital’s first bridge, now a monument, is a fascinating spectacle that has attracted many tourists to Budapest. The bridge was built upon the request of Count István Széchenyi by designer William Tierney Clark and engineer Adam Clark between 1839 and 1849. Like many other Danube bridges, the Chain ...
Budapest, Erzsébet híd
The bridge, named after popular Habsburg queen Elizabeth (Sissi) was the only one which could not be reconstructed after World War II, so a new one was built to replace it. Today’s bridge structure links the foot of Gellért Hill with the downtown of Pest. The bridge takes the heaviest vehicle traffic out of all the other bridges in Budapest. The city ...
Budapest, Szabadság híd
Liberty Bridge is the third southernmost public road bridge in Budapest, located at the southern end of the City Centre. It is 333.6 m in length and 20.1 m in width. The bridge was built between 1894 and 1896 to the plans of János Feketeházy. During the 2007-2009 complete reconstruction, all war damages of shape were repaired, added to the complete ...
Budapest, Margit híd
Margaret Bridge is the second northernmost and second oldest public bridge in Budapest. It was planned by the French engineer Emile Gouin and built between 1872-1876. Margaret Bridge became the second permanent bridge in Budapest after the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. This bridge leads across to Margaret Island, its two parts enclosing 150 degrees with each ...
Budapest, Megyeri híd
Budapest, Északi vasúti összekötő híd
It was first given to public in 1913. It was exploded by the retreating German army in 1945. A new steel structure was built on the bases for the temporary reconstruction time, from war materials which enable construction of any length of bridge if certain distance of bases is maintained.
Budapest, Petőfi híd
The bridge links the southernmost part of the Grand Boulevard with Goldmann György tér, the heart of the university district of Budapest. Built between 1933 and 1937, the length of the bridge is 514 metres, and the width is 25 metres.
Budapest, Rákóczi híd
Rákóczi Bridge is a bridge in Budapest, Hungary, connecting the settlements of Buda and Pest across the Danube. The construction of the steel girder bridge was started in 1992 to the plans of Tibor Sigrai.


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